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Dare to Dream..Dare to Do..


Coming Soon! Due to Covid we have postponed face to face workshops. Stay tuned for dates in the summer!

I have a mental exercise I do quite often. I think about this question - what if I knew I was going to die tomorrow? How would I feel about the life I have lived? This is not coming from a morbid place, it is coming from a loving, challenging place.

I want, at the end of my life, to be so proud of all I have accomplished.  I believe that there will always be some form of regret. But for the most part, am I living the life I love? Am I challenging myself? Am I doing service? Giving back? Trying the one thing that scares me the most?

I think asking these questions of ourselves keep us in tune with our soul. Our soul is always stirring. But sometimes life gets in the way.  We ignore the stirring.  It is easy to become sedentary. 

So let me ask you this question:  What is your ultimate secret wish for your life that you haven't told anyone and haven't dared to pursue? I am here to dare you to dream it! Now I am going to dare to you do it!

Join me for an inspirational workshop that will indeed stir your soul!


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