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Dream Big Success Stories

Jamie Nicholson, CEO of The Dance Project says...

"Better Management. Practical Solutions. Inspiration. And a Kick in the Pants. Dream Big Incorporated continues to loom large in my head as I run the company and dream big. There are days when I am ready to throw in the towel, only to find myself remembering the encouragement and discipline for success I experienced here in order to move forward."

Mark Jewett, Singer/Songwriter Jill Jack has been a tremendous mentor and motivator for me. I had been thinking about writing songs for decades before I met Jill and never followed a single one through because I didn’t believe I “knew how” or “my ideas were good enough”. I had also never performed alone in front of an audience. Then I had a chat with Jill. Within one day, I performed alone in front of a room full of listeners. Within two days, I wrote a song. Within six months, I was booking gigs. And within three years, I recorded an EP of original songs. During this time, I talked with Jill on many occasions about dealing with doubt and finding self-confidence and worked my way to saying the words, “I am a songwriter” with confidence. Believe me, that was a huge step. 
Jill says, “We all have that ‘I would do this if the world were a perfect place’ goal.” Well, it’s not perfect and it’s not going to be any time soon. So what are you waiting for? When it comes to dreams, I have replaced waiting with doing everything within my control. (And sometimes a little beyond.) Anyone can dream, but with the right help, we can dream bigger and be everythingwe want to be. That’s why Jill launched Dream Big Incorporated. She helped me. She can help you.

Nicole Patterson, Entrepreneur and CEO of Corky and LuLu

Thankful and grateful for Jill Jack! She gave me the confidence and motivation to go further - outside of my comfort zone. She's helped me change my way of thinking, removing the negative, focusing on the positive. She gave me the tools, reassurance and the push that I needed to get this endeavor (Corky & Lulu) off the ground. Thank you, Jill Jack!

Andrea Nicholson,  artist and creator of Spooky Girl Art

From Andrea's mother Jamie (the Dance Project): Thank you for the way you inspired my daughter Andrea to be a successful artist! Your meetings with her were instrumental in kick starting her career, building her confidence and challenging her to reach beyond what she thought was possible.  Your practical advice, experiences and encouragement translated to action which afforded her opportunities in gallery showings commissioned artwork, a greater reach on social media and more.  We are so grateful! 

Nadir Omowale

Carly Bins, Singer/Songwriter 

Jill has been such an excellent mentor! i feel so lucky to have her in my life :) she's helped me with so much and i'm extremely grateful. you won't regret being involved with this company!

Deanna Carpenter, Professional Photographer

Self doubt and fear can keep you stagnant and hold you down. They are killers of dreams, and sadly we all have them. I'm not sure the voices in my head telling me I'm not good enough will ever go away, but with the support, tools and resources that Jill has given me over the years I can certainly push them out of the way. I often joke with Jill about her "magic pixie dust" that she spreads everywhere and it seems to make everything go her way. We all know it's not magic it's hard work, dedication and talent that have gotten her to where she is. Jill has a unique way of looking at a seemingly unattainable goal and making it happen .. let her show you how to break down your barriers so you can reach your goals!


     Grace Lee


Jaime Marvin


Gasoline Gypsies

Annemarie Jo Frye, Singer/Songwriter


Redi Choi

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